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Shake’n bake-Baker Mayfield shirt

Shake'n bake-Baker Mayfield Colin with that god complex tho. Like who cares about your half-assed opinions on everything anyway? Shake'n bake-Baker Mayfield shirt. You, Bayless and Steven A have ruined credible sports journalism and broadcasting. It’s not about facts or the story anymore, it’s politics and whoever has the loudest...

Buy the dip sell the rip shirt

Always tough to time the bear market. Buy the dip sell the rip shirt. It could come in the next year, or we could go up another 25% before we enter it. I am keeping some cash on the sidelines but I am close to fully invested. That's what I was...

RIP Grumpy cat 2012-2019 shirt

She was a special needs cat, but I honestly feel like all the RIP Grumpy cat 2012-2019 shirt of traveling, touring and being constantly manhandled by strangers didn't help. Hope she's at peace now.  Night gathers, and now my purr begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take...

Rules for dating my niece shirt

I Completely Feel you on this! Rules for dating my niece shirt. As a Mother of 1 son and 4 daughters when they were old enough to date I'd have them come in and sit at the table and hand me their ID and I would do a Background Check, I...

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