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Official grammar police shirt

The jokes started out innocently enough, an “Oh here comes Caleb, the grammar police” here, an “I would ask to see my warrant but the grammar police don’t need one” there. Official grammar police shirt. It was all in good fun amongst friends. After all, they would all have me give...

Good Mom bad mouth shirt

The way his shoulders slump the Good Mom bad mouth shirt he tastes that big spoonful of cocoa. Then the glance at the box to confirm that it indeed says Hershey's. You can literally see what he's thinking lol. Watch people die inside should tag all of theirs as well so...

Mark Ingram 22 Ravens shirt

There was a Mark Ingram 22 Ravens shirt off the hanger in the first trailer with everyone walking. There was a gap between some of the characters that people assumed was where Carol was actually standing but had been photoshopped out to maintain secrecy around her role. Turns out it’s...

Flower Ham Ma EST 2018 shirt

Very straightforward approach to the game and a focus on a good rotation, corners pass and wide clears. Flower Ham Ma EST 2018 shirt. You could see that really well against Fnatic, individually fanatic is probably a lot better, but Veritas rotation just outdid them. I disagree, I saw all three...

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