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Alpha females don’t run in packs shirt

Reading about Honchkrow and Gliscor makes me a bit sad that Go battles don't have critical hits yet. Alpha females don't run in packs shirt. It'd be a cool wildcard in battles besides the highly predictable DPS/TDO. Also, your posts are like Christmas presents. Always a treat to open up to...


Didn't even realize there were freebies lol, sorry! GINGERBREAD MAX Shirt. I'll take the Laneige and the Estee Lauder skincare freebies, thank you.  Which treatment did you want? And maybe lol I have quite a few so I’ll have to look through them later tonight if you don’t mind waiting until later...

I’m the Aunt that really don’t Play-Doh shirt

girl... I've been eating all kinds of Hispanic cookies for years! I'm the Aunt that really don't Play-Doh shirt. The lime flavored sandwich cookies are DA BOMB!! If you want to wash it down right...get you some orange Jarritos soda. Pineapple is awesome too. If you buy Coke or Sprite...

Stop ho ho homophobia gay ugly Christmas shirt

Haha I totally understand you cause I've been there! For the longest time (post-BOF) I avoided any LMH drama, but finally got swayed by Faith and loved it!. Stop ho ho homophobia gay ugly Christmas shirt.  He's also a bit arrogant in LOFTBS but it's passable. (However, do not under...

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