Magik Cuscino Marghe Giulia Kawaii Shirt

For those who are curious. MAGIK CUSCINO MARGHE GIULIA KAWAII SHIRT. This is what he is talking about (GIF of her 5th skill). Probably one of my favorite skills in the game, up there with Scarlet Witch’s 5th skill. I tossed her into the Hulk relay on SL16 this morning. 6/6/60 with gears at 16/15/15/15, maxed skills, no ISO, Uru, or obelisk. She survived easily, but had some issues with DPS & lost on timeout. I suspect part of that was me trying to figure out her skill rotation. I’ll try again later. Her healing passive is pretty killer. I went from about 30% back to full health in a single attack rotation with a Recovery Rate of 111%. Summons on her 3rd skill draws aggro. Damage doesn’t appear to reflect unless she’s within range when the skill is triggered. I’ll be testing this later as well.


After adding a few 6* attack-related ISOs (still no luck rolling an attack set for her) & trying twice more, I realized I’ve been using a hero in a villain-advantage relay. Suddenly a T1 Magik beating down Maestro to 20% after beating Hulk & Kingpin seems a hell of a lot more impressive. Yeah, I was quite confused with your Magik’s low DPS when someone below has been able to do WBU with her. That makes a lot more sense. Any idea why she as able to deal damage when the floor was for villains? Were you using a support/leader like Coulson? The team was Magik (lead), Colossus (team-up bonus to All Attack and All-Defense), and Kraven (for the “three six-star characters” clear bonus).

MAGIK CUSCINO MARGHE GIULIA KAWAII SHIRT, ladies, v-neck t-shirt, tank top, flowy tank. 

Magik Cuscino Marghe Giulia Kawaii Tank top
Tank top
Magik Cuscino Marghe Giulia Kawaii Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Magik Cuscino Marghe Giulia Kawaii Guys v neck
Guys v neck
Magik Cuscino Marghe Giulia Kawaii Flowy tank
Flowy tank

Does anybody know what kind of ISO set I should use for her? MAGIK CUSCINO MARGHE GIULIA KAWAII SHIRT. Should I go healing to augment her ability she already has? I wanna be able to use her to clear PvE content and things of that nature. Attack set, with preference to Overdrive or POAH. For PvE, the best defense is a good offense. If you want to boost her healing, use Uru to up her max HP and maybe her recovery rate. She doesn’t really need GBI for PvE; her T2 gives Super Armor. I’d give her a Max HP/Damage Proc obelisk. Used her vs the Lady Loki boss level on SL17. She beat it handily in 2:10. Her AOE damage is crazy. I didn’t fall below 90% health the entire fight. Got her to rank 24. Great so far. Good damage, but squishy.

Official MAGIK CUSCINO MARGHE GIULIA KAWAII sweater, hoodie, and long sleeve 

Magik Cuscino Marghe Giulia Kawaii SweatShirt
Magik Cuscino Marghe Giulia Kawaii Longsleeve
Magik Cuscino Marghe Giulia Kawaii Hoodie

Disclaimer: Although powerful, this character was clearly not designed for PVP since she does not have pierced. MAGIK CUSCINO MARGHE GIULIA KAWAII SHIRT. It’s unfortunate that none of the new characters, except Colossus, has immunity piercing, which is mandatory for PVP nowadays. She is the best PVE character of the update. In contrast, Colossus is obviously the best for PVP. Her T1 and T2 passive both enhance the character greatly, unlike Emma’s useless passive. She’s got everything in her kit: massive damage, invinc, heal, buff, and I-frames. Her skill 5, if all hits scale the same, may be the hardest hitting skill in the game. Her skill animation and playstyle resemble Odin, except she is way more powerful than him.

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