Cavity Colors’ Hocus Pocus shirt

Cavity Colors' Hocus Pocus Shirt

Had to leave the movie theater cuz my cousin was too scared. Cavity Colors’ Hocus Pocus shirt. That’s ok I’ve watched it a billion times since then!  It irks me 25yrs later everyone is calling the Cat Zachery. The cat is Thackery Binks. Grrrr. But this is my most favorite Halloween movie from Disney. Wow, both this and Free Willy were released 25 years ago… I thought I was a kid when I first saw them but guess not lol. “Come, little children, I’ll take thee away, into a land of enchantment! Come little children the times come to play, here in my garden…of maaaaa-gic!!! Lol, love this movie to death no matter how old I get!! One of my favorite parts is when Bette Midler opens up the window and goes “oh look another glorious morning makes me sick.” Lol Lol.

But I love the whole entire movie. Cavity Colors’ Hocus Pocus shirt. So funny. And so good. You know, Binx, I’ll always take care of you, and my children will take care of you too, and their children after that, and their children after that. Forever and ever.  One of my most favorite movies!!! I watch it all year not just at Halloween. Although I can’t wait for fall to come so I can watch it and not be judged lol.  I look forward to watching this every year. Even call my kids during it because they will b watching too. All four are adults. Brings back good memories.  this will always be one of my most favorite Halloween movies in the month of October. btw I found the extremely rare limited edition DVD slipcover on eBay months ago and only paid 10 dollars for it. I really enjoyed this movie when it came out.

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My Mom took me to go watch it at the theater when it was out and It was a fun movie. Cavity Colors’ Hocus Pocus shirt. Great cast as well even Omri Katz from one of my favorite shows as a kid Irie Indiana played Thora Birch’s older brother. I haven’t seen him in ages. Don’t know if he’s doing anything anymore but he was in another good movie around the same time called Matinee with John Goodman. I Pray He’s doing Good. Anyways Hocus Pocus was a great childhood movie and memory of mine! I can’t believe this hasn’t been on Broadway, especially since Bette and Sarah Jessica are both New Yorkers. Young and old would love to see it with the original cast.

 Well to bad the remake is gonna b terrible, great cast but as a Disney channel movie, please Disney this is a classic, it deserves to b in theaters!!! Cavity Colors’ Hocus Pocus shirt. Love the movie. My kids are grown up. Never watched it. Too busy. When I found out Sean Murry from NCIS was in the movie I flipped Didn’t know it was him. Watch it when it comes on toward Halloween.  It was ok in its day, but it seems the movie industry doesn’t have much imagination anymore they keep going back to find a movie. Am I the only one who doesn’t care if its Halloween or not in still watching it year round? Just curious lol. That was our favorite, I cant begins to count how many times we watch that movie. At least once a week for every weekend, you came to visit.

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