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  In 2019, Boog moved to Dakar to reconnect with her roots, where she initially focused on teaching private clients. “I noticed that there weren’t any African yoga teachers that looked like me. I would go into these classes and feel honestly uncomfortable. It was really strange for me,” she recalls. She asked herself how […]

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  Obviously, there has been an increase in loungewear, but beyond that we saw that our data points to the building of a capsule wardrobe using foundational pieces. That’s reflected in women’s coats at about $500; same with women’s knits. Loafers and sneakers are the footwear of choice, investing in those at a higher value. […]

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  Through long-term support, Campbell hopes to see the industry become a more inclusive and welcoming space. In recent talks with Kering Group, she pitched the idea of a mentorship program at the company’s headquarters in Paris, and the corporation’s leadership took note . “We’ve set things up so that there are designers from Ghana, […]

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  BMI-based vaccine eligibility could represent a pivotal moment for the fat-acceptance movement, but it’s also a difficult one for many fat people. After all, most of us are so used to having doctors judge and shame us for our weight that the concept of it entitling me to something beneficial feels entirely unfamiliar. For […]